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The Best Taser Guns of 2021 1

The Best Taser Guns of 2021

Self-Defense at its easiest and most effective.

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Stun guns are becoming increasingly popular, firstly as a deterrent and then as a means of self-defense. By disrupting the muscle and motor functionality of the gun’s victim, it causes much pain, but no actual injury. It works by means of delivering the electric shock via two pins making direct contact with the skin. Tasers work in a slightly different way but are just as effective. A projectile is fired into the victim, and the current passed down the attached wires.

After trying out a number of Tasers, this model survived our tests and won through with flying colors.

1) Taser Pulse with 2 Cartridges

Taser Pulse with 2 Cartridges, LED Laser with/2 Cartridges, and Target,Black


The compact Taser Pulse has been well designed to serve its purpose efficiently. Easy to conceal, yet ready for use at a moment’s notice, it carries the same voltage as law enforcement officials – 50,000 volts, immobilizing someone for up to 30 seconds which allows for a safe getaway.

The Good

Taser have produced the most powerful civilian weapon, excluding the nightstick.

The design allows it to fit neatly into a pocket or holstered on a belt, but when activated the barbed projectiles fire with speed and power, penetrating clothes and skin, causing neuro-muscular incapacitation (NMI) – not something you want to trigger accidentally. Luckily the built-in safety function eliminates that fear. Each charge can be delivered for a mind and body numbing 30 seconds, however, that can be cut short if you choose.

It can also be used as a traditional style stun gun via the exposed electrodes, giving you the ability to defend from a distance or close proximity, and the battery has offers impressive longevity – over fifty 30 second cycles before it needs replacing.

The Taser Pulse performed well over numerous tests, and we’ll certainly be adding it to our kit.

The Bad

Our only, very minor issue is that the included holster isn’t particularly durable, however, a new holster certainly won’t break the bank, so this really isn’t a deal breaker.

Final Thoughts
If you’re after a versatile, highly effective Taser that’s simple to use, has a great battery life and can stun both at a distance and close contact, the Pulse is the Taser for you.

2) TASER Pulse+

The Best Taser Guns of 2021 3


If you are looking for a powerful taser that will help you feel safe and protected anywhere you go at any time then you should invest in a taser that has a powerful shooting range. The Taser Pulse + Self-Defense Tool with Noonlight Mobile Integration is a reliable taser that has a 15-foot shooting distance that will help you escape your attacker easily and safely. It also comes with a Noonlight mobile application that will send law enforcement your GPS information once you pull the trigger.

The Good

The Noonlight feature makes us feel at ease knowing that the law enforcement officers will be alerted if anything is to happen to us. It is a great self defense gadget that will help you feel safe and protected.

The Bad

It is a good purchase because it is compact and easy to carry and it provides all the necessary functions for self defense. Just make sure you are fully aware on how to use this device.

Final Thoughts
Compact and easy  to carry for self defense.

3) Taser X26P Professional Series

The Best Taser Guns of 2021 4


If you want a more powerful taser then switch to the Taser X26P Professional Series. It has a Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation feature that attacks the central nervous system of your attacker that will help you escape by limiting their muscle control over their bodies. It has a powerful LED flashlight and a 3A laser targeting feature. You can use it in both distant and close encounters and can provide up to 50 shots.

The Good

It is a very powerful taser that can really be useful in emergency and attacks. This is a great tool to have if you do not have any self-defense skills or too weak to fight back.

The Bad

Please learn how to use the device properly to avoid accidentally injuring or hurting yourself as it is a very powerful device.

Final Thoughts
A highly recommended taser that you can rely on. It is powerful and very useful.

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