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Choosing the best, most durable bag and clothes tailored to the stature and needs of every member in your family is the key to survival. Think about it – you will use your bag to potentially hike through days of harsh weather elements and through rough terrain, and it will be holding all of your most crucial belongings, like tools, weapons and food. Your bug-out-bag should be as light weight as possible since you’ll be carrying all of your survival items in it, while your clothes should be durable and purchased in layers for versatility that will allow you to face any weather conditions.

Here are the best apparel items that will keep you and your belongings dry and safe in the worst of catastrophes.

Best Heated Gloves of 2023: Electric Heated Gloves

  Gloves that can self-heat are a necessity – keeping hands warm and eliminating cold-chapped fingers. Most have rechargeable batteries, and for out in the winter wilderness they could be a crucial element in your survival. When buying heated gloves, it's important to be able to ...

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