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The Best Mountain Bikes of 2021 1

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2021

Travel The Toughest Terrains With These Bad Boys

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For all the people that love mountain biking, this article is fundamental. Picking a mountain bike is no easy task since many factors need to be included when deciding to buy one. The comfort, strength, the suspension, and other components define a good mountain bike. In this article, we have consulted with people that have vast experience to bring you the best choices.

There’s no arguing with a decent mountain bike, but in order to make bike travel especially effective, it pays to get a quality bike rack. This allows you to get into the wilds, quickly, before you head off-trail even further. The Zombies will never find you out there!

The Best Mountain Bikes

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1. Steppenwolf Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2021 3



Now let’s move on to the heavyweights of the mountain bikes. With a price tag that is a bit higher than most, it is bound to have the best features. This bad boy is made from carbon fiber and has a Shimano M355 braking system. When riding this bike, you will never want to try another bike. After talking to my friends that have more experience, I was unanimously told that the comfort that it provides, it comes second to none.

The Good

We didn’t mention the fact that it has plenty speeds to choose from, which means you can ride it at an extremely high speed. Also, the overall quality of this bike is just brilliant, and it is evident that the design team has spent an incredible amount of time thinking how to give you the best experience that you can have when driving a bike. Let’s not forget about its incredible lightweight, weighing only 23 and a half pounds, you will not have a problem even to carry this bike. This makes a beautiful trail bike or mountain bike for mountain bikers.

The Bad

We have to be honest, it was tough to find anything wrong with this bike. However, the only minor thing was the seat, which might not be as comfortable as expected. However, this is very individual as this type of seat suits some people.

Final Thoughts
Looking to buy a bike that will endure even the roughest terrains and still perform excellently? This one is for you.

Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race/Pro/LTD Team LTD Hardtail 29er MTB, 16.5/18.5/20 in Frame, 20 or 30 speeds, SRAM or Shimano drivetrain, Made in Germany

 out of stock
as of July 23, 2021 9:36 am

2. Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike

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Just by looking at it, you will see that it isn’t an ordinary bike. The top tube is thicker than usual, and the fame is made from the 7005 series aluminum that was custom drawn. The rims are 26,’’ and it also has 24 speeds. The saddle is Aero Mountain, while both the front and the rear derailleurs are made by Shimano. It’s also pretty light, it weighs only 32 lbs.

The Good

The best part about this bike is that it can be folded and you can put it in your car or even carried without any fuss. When it’s completely folded its size is 36’’ x 28’’ x 12’’, and it takes almost no effort to fold it. You can leave it in your office to go for an after-work ride or store in your house.

The Bad

The handlebar adjustment could be a little easier to move, however a drop of oil and this was fixed.

Final Thoughts
If you’re after a bike that can go anywhere – either ridden or carried, this ought to be on your shopping list.

Montague Paratrooper 24 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

 out of stock
as of July 23, 2021 7:36 pm

3. 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2021 5


This beauty will make you instantly fall in love with it. It is designed to endure rough terrain and at the same time have you feel comfortable. With 24 speeds, rear and front discs brakes, and an advanced aluminum frame, it is designed to give you a smooth ride. Both the front and the rear derailleurs are made from Shimano, which means it is top-notch quality.

The Good

The suspension in this model is brilliant, you will notice that if you have used a regular bike before. Riding downhill on a rocky terrain can be grueling if you don’t have the right bike, but with the Gravity FSX 1.0, you will have a very different experience. The brakes were of the highest quality and functioned adequately, even after being used for an extended period.

The Bad

The only minor issue is that in places the paint finish developed a scratch; however this was after several gruelling weeks of testing and throwing it around.

Final Thoughts
For such a budget friendly model, this bike offers robustness, mobility and comfort, perfect for getting from A – Z efficiently.

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